Possible Pakistani Earthquake fundraiser?

Harry emailed me to say:

Pakistan has just suffered an earthquake which they think has killed
at least 19000 people. England tour Pakistan in about a month. Surely
this is a money-raIsing opportunity?

I’ll commit to 20p for every run Flintoff scores in an international.
You’re in a better position than me, between Corridor of Uncertainty
and Cricinfo, to persuade others to make a similar commitment. There
must be good publicity for a lot of businesses in doing this.

The death-toll is, according to the news, going to rise beyond 20,000 in coming days. While we can’t do much to help, nor offer anything to save (m)any lives, such a gesture would be a good and worthwhile thing to do. What are your thoughts? It seems too good an opportunity, what with England touring Pakistan in a few weeks.

Would you be willing to cough up £x.xx per run for any one batsman (or more than one)? Or perhaps £x.xx per runs conceded by a bowler, or indeed wickets? If the general consensus is good, I’m very happy to organise it all and tally up the amounts at the end of the series, and mail the cheque to a suitable charity. On a similar line, I’m very, very wary of charities and won’t give money out to “any old charity.” But I’ll look into that. Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for the idea Harry.

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