Ponting’s bat: graphite aint wood!

Well well well, things are hotting up. Apparently, Ricky Ponting’s bat has graphite support to strengthen it and ye olde MCC don’t like it one little bit:

Ponting’s Kookaburra bat is strengthened by a thin carbon graphite strip and MCC fear this gives him extra power and may damage the ball.

This one at Kookaburra’s site doesn’t mention graphite, but seeing as only 300 have been made it might well be the same one. But it gets better:

Rob Elliot, the managing director of Kookaburra, said it was “rubbish” to suggest the graphite provided extra power or would damage the ball. He said the MCC wanted to ban the bat and felt it could be a part of MCC’s attempt to try to destabilise Australia’s Ashes campaign.

I doubt the MCC are that clever! Some old fart in the corridors of Lord’s heard “graphite” and “willow” mentioned in the same breath and has objected. Storm in a tea-cup, but a funny one. England just need to ensure all balls bowled at Ponting’s magic graphite willow hit the outside / inside edges :)

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