Ponting: closest Ashes yet

I know, I know – it’s only March, and here I am getting swept up in Ashes fever already. But it’s about 8 degrees outside, with a thick grey blanket, and drizzling light rain. I need an Ashes fix.

And Ponting provides it with one of his Mark Taylor-esque interviews. The two sound identical to me in how they talk and the manner of what they say. It’s the usual stuff (“”But this England side have a different feel to them. They have a bit of a winning habit and winning culture which they haven’t had for a while.””), but Stephen Fleming sums it all up rather nicely:

“England are going to have to play extremely well,” said Fleming, who captained New Zealand to a 3-0 series defeat in England last summer.

“It’s about playing the game under the least amount of pressure and you’ll win it.

“England always play under a huge amount of pressure. Australia are used to dealing with it and they just roll on.

“If England start well, then they’re in with a sniff.

“But if Australia start well and get them down, then all of a sudden you’ve got the press, the public and basically everyone who watches England cricket on your back.”

Meanwhile at the Bloody Bullsh*t Corporation, they’ve done what only the BBC can do: compile a player comparison table, AND IT’S NOT EVEN APRIL YET. They conclude with:

Player for player, the Aussies remain stronger than England.

But there is still plenty of time for everything to change.

Well well well.

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