Pietersen the Pom

Well, what a game. General consensus is that South Africa lost a winning position – although, given their lack of confidence, this isn’t suprising. They’re 1-0 down when, really, they ought to have made it 1-1.

It was their friend and buddy, Kevin Pietersen, who beat them in the end, smashing a hundred from only 91 balls. 2 of his sixes both came off the toe of the bat, but still sailed over midwicket from just a flick of his bat. It was a thrilling hundred, in only his 6th game – a star is born? What disappointed me was the total lack of respect the crowd showed him; practically no one clapped him off the field, a really disgusting display of disrespect. Of course they feel annoyed at his departure for England; but that was 4 years ago, and for the crowd not to acknowledge such a fine innings is certain proof of South Africa’s bad-loser mentality. No wonder Pietersen wanted to leave. Despite what people think of England – Mike from NZ also finds them “arrogant” – English crowds appreciate good cricket, and would have given an opposing player a warm reception on and off the pitch, as would most other nations

That sour point aside, it’s been a terrific game of cricket which South Africa somehow have managed to lose, yet again!

UPDATE 22.50

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