Patience still the key for Bangladesh

Scott returns to the cricket-blogging-fold with a balanced piece on Bangladesh. He also highlights Mike Selvey’s near-contempt for the tourists which, admittedly, is always disappointing to hear – more so when there is genuine reason behind his comments.

As I’ve said many times, I’ve been shocked by the gulf in class between England and Bangladesh. The very basics which every team strives for – line & length when bowling, back & across and soft hands when batting – seem alien to them. There was one particularly embarrassing over from Khaled Mahmud – and it really was embarrassing – where Trescothick took the piss in grand style, upper-cutting him over the ‘keeper’s head for four. (Gilchrist did this in the last Ashes tour over here – I think the shot even brought him to his hundred. I’ll never forget seeing it – especially as it was accompanied by a loud “Yeeeeeaahhh!!”)

In response, Mahmud tried to bounce him next ball (at 70 odd MPH) – bearing in mind his wicket-keeper was still standing up to the stumps – and the ball swung past a ducking-Trescothick and sailed, miserably, away for four. That, more than any other period in the game, summed up Bangladesh’s international cricketing status.

Anyway – read Scott’s piece.