Pakistan tour diary

Much as Gideon Haigh’s Ashes diary was such a success in the summer for Cricinfo, Andrew Miller is doing the same and it promises to be equally as entertaining, or perhaps more so considering I know and work with him at Cricinfo Towers. It’ll be linked to on the homepage at Cricinfo, midway down under Regulars. His latest entry is here, which includes this gem:

On neither occasion, however, was there the slightest altercation between the concerned parties. It struck me that road rage is a curiously Anglo-Saxon phenomenon, borne of an over-reliance on rules and an unwillingness to accept responsibility for your actions. Here, you embark on a journey on a wing and a prayer, and keep your wits about you, lest others whip them away for you. As my airline pilot might have put it: “In’shallah”.

I’ve yet to go to Pakistan or India – I’m absolutely dying to go – so do keep your eye on his diary over the next few weeks for some..interesting insights among other stuff.

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