“Our behaviour is improving.” What?

I just don’t know what the hell to make of this piece. Ponting says Australia’s (cricket team’s) behaviour is improving and the “public perception” is changing. Well, call me naive, but who said otherwise? Is this all about the whole Warne/Adams sledging debate and, if so, is this an indication that sledging is going to become more and more of an issue in cricket?

I remember in 2001, or around that time, Rahul Dravid and Michael Slater having problems. And I remember Ambrose and Steve Waugh in a bit of a tussle a few years before that (although in fairness, Richie Richardson had to drag Ambrose away…well, he could hardly have dragged Waugh [batting] away). What else has caused the Australian cricket team to have this apparent perception that their behaviour isn’t up to scratch? Sledging has gone on for so long, it’s part of a cricket’s amoury.

How long before match referees monitor sledging and set guidelines for what’s proper or improper?

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