No, not cricket – Allah

Blogged this on the Surfer earlier, and wanted to put it here too. It really is worth reading or listening:

In this week’s From Our Own Correspondent, Owen Bennett-Jones – who was formerly BBC’s “Man in Pakistan” – talks about the intensity and passion of cricket in Pakistan. But, more interestingly is he found someone who doesn’t like the game:

Dancing, listening to music and watching television were all wrong, he said.

I tried to find a chink in the armour and said: “Ah well, as a Pakistani you must at least love cricket?”

“Cricket?” He raised his eyes to the heavens.

“Why all this cricket, cricket, cricket? Don’t people realise they are wasting their time? People should think of Allah, not cricket.”

Listen to it here (MP3 – starts at about 22mins 40secs) or read it here.

I found it fascinating, but then I find anything vaguely interesting.

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