No handshakes for Vaughan and Ponting

Probably nothing to read into, but it’s noteworthy nonetheless. At the toss, Vaughan won the toss and put Australia in – but Ponting had to wait to hear Vaughan tell Sky presenter Paul Allott his decision. No handshake, no “good lucks,” no “we’ll have a bowl mate.” In the 80s (someone remind me of the details if I’m wrong) when Australia needed rebuilding, Border shunned his former England mates – no beers after the game and so on. I’m not saying this is the case this time round – but Vaughan is a very tough character, tougher than he appears, and I just wonder whether he [Vaughan] simply forgot, or if it was deliberate.

Ponting certainly looked a bit surprised. Good toss to win – overcast and cloudy, ominously so. Hope it doesn’t rain.

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