No escaping Warne for England

Although we all respect Warne, and honour him with sycophantic flattery – some of us (nay all?) look forward to the day when he hangs up his bowling boots, lights a comfortable cigarette and retires with one of his many wives with his lovely wife in Hampshire. Never again will the world’s batsmen walk to the crease asking themselves “Can I read his flipper? Can I even read his leggie? What the hell am I doing here? Will he laugh if he bowls me?” But, for England at least, that salivatory prospect of never see him again at a cricket match has vanished – for tomorrow, Warne is immortalised! Yes, that’s right – the drugs-banned, scandalous-great that he is will unveil a portrait of himself tomorrow, at Lord’s. Which is doubly great for me, as I might bump into him (I’m there for the Middlesex / Surrey Derby and will be blogging from the ground. Well, I might).

Commissioned by Fanny Rush, the portrait takes the batsman’s view and here it is, from Fanny’s website

Shane Warne

All jokes aside, it’s a wonderful portrait and must look incredible up close: maybe I’ll sneak a look in tomorrow, so long as it’s not in the hallowed-halls of the long-room, where only loud, red & yellow tie-wearers are permitted entry.

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