More on Wisden’s five cricketers of the year

I’ve had a bit of time to think about this – and read comments on other blogs – and I think Scott sums it up pretty well. I hinted at my feeling a bit guilty, in my previous post, that the list was entirely occupied by us Poms – but in retrospect, why not? It is after all, as Scott points out, an English award and an English publication. Yes, it’s uncommon for the awards to have gone to all Englishmen, but it’s only happened 3 times since WWII.

On top of that, I don’t see how anyone can deny what a good 18 months England has had. Strauss, Flintoff and Harmison are fully deserving of their awards given their outstanding performances. And, come on Jagadish, even you must admit that. The awards are given to excellent county performances too.

Jagadish takes particular offence to England being mentioned anywhere near cricket, so he was unsurprisingly spitting blood at today’s announcement:

The self-delusional notion that England is the centre of the cricketing universe was what obviously prompted the Wisden Cricket Almanack to announce the five cricketers of the year, the list comprising not one or two or three but five Englishmen…

Clearly he refuses to see what most others do, in that England has arisen from the depths of cricketing darkness. They had an awesome year, and Engel mentions as such in his interview:

Judging by your choice for the cover picture, it seems Wisden 2005 is set to be a celebration of England’s remarkable year.
Yes. In broad playing terms, the rise of England’s cricket team was the stand-out story of the year. We opted for that particular image because their success was not really down to any one individual, but the team in general, and so it seems right that the cover should reflect that.

Storm in a tea-cup. I personally am delighted for all the winners, including Warne, and I’m sure there will be an Indian there next year….

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