McGrath wants money for runs

Or rather, he wants the money to go to charity. Amusing article here:

“I am writing to you as a fellow cricketer and supporter, and as a too frequent contributor to the Primary Club’s disabled and handicapped sporting charities through my regular “golden ducks” scored in international cricket.

The tongue-in-cheek letter says, “Buoyed by my much publicised recent success as a batsman but restrained by an appropriate sense of modesty I have agreed to lend my name to the Club’s proposal to invite members to donate Aus $1 (approx Rs 34) to the Primary Club for every run that I score in each of the Ashes Test matches in England from July to September 2005.

But before you fall off your chair at this unlikely charitable gesture by Moody McGrath, read on:

McGrath continues in jocular vein, “You might speculate that I have ulterior motives and that this is my way of pressurising Mr Ponting, my captain, into promoting me up the batting order.

“But if this challenge thrown out by the Primary Club results in more public attention being given to runs I might score at number 11, then my chances of moving up the order might be increased,” he says.

Good stuff! More on the Primary Club at their site here. Anyone prepared to take a punt on how much he’ll raise this summer? Shot in the dark from me: $64