McGrath wants 500th at Lord’s

Glenn McGrath, henceforth now known only as The Bastard, is lining up an Englishman to be his 500th Test victim. I think victim is probably the best word to have chosen. Anyway, that’s all very well – jolly fine show old chap and all that – but *this* riles me somewhat:

Hayden has been without a century since July, although he has passed 50 on four occasions since.

Looking down the rest of the order, though, England may decide they are better off not dismissing him.

It’s this half-joking half-serious attitude by the BBC towards Cricket that pisses me off so much. An underlying feeling that England are just the gentlemen of sport, the ones who expect to play all sports but are not expected that they should be any good. It’s pathetic. I’m going overboard a bit, but the BBC deserve an earful sometimes. If they actuall employed proper, dedicated journalists who ONLY know and write about Cricket, and are passionate about Cricket, they’d write more balanced, more in-depth, less jokey peices. Twats.

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