I stumbled across this (scroll down to the Mankad bit), and found a bit on Mankad. Mankad, Mankaded, Mankading – has anyone else heard of it/him? He ran out the non-striking batsman:

The most famous incident of this method of dismissal involved the Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad. It occurred during India’s tour of Australia on 13 December 1947 in the second test match at Sydney. Mankad had previously warned Bill Brown to stay in his crease. He then actually ran out Brown when, in the act of delivering the ball held on to it and whipped the bails off with Brown well out of his crease. This was the second time Mankad had dismissed a batsman in this fashion on this tour, as Mankad had done it in an earlier match against Queensland. The Australian press strongly accused Mankad of being unsportsmanlike, though some Australians, including Don Bradman, the Australian captain at the time, defended Mankad’s actions. From this time onwards, if a batsman is given out this way, he is said to have been Mankaded.

Since then the Laws of cricket have changed, so that a bowler may no longer Mankad a batsman once he has entered into his delivery stride. However, under Law 42.15 of the Laws of Cricket it remains possible for a bowler to run out a non-striker who has strayed outside his crease after he has started his run up, but before he has entered his delivery stride.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of Mankad, but by all accounts he must have been pretty useful

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