“Dear future cricket superstar!”

I’ve decided not to humiliate myself, my friends and family by going to a cricket talent-scout at Lord’s – I had a long bowl in the nets 2 weeks ago, and the diagnosis was worse than I thought. Put it this way – it was a good job I bowled in a proper net! Anyway, the scheme is such a brilliant idea – you can read more about it here.

All this rambling, as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles tie the knot in Windsor, comes via an email I’ve received from Neil Burns from the London County Cricket Club:

Dear Future Cricket Superstar

Firstly, many thanks for registering to play your part in
our very own Pop Idol 4 Cricket. All of us at LCCC are sure
the event will be a great success.
With regard to your application, we expect to see you at the
session you applied for, and look forward to assessing your
potential on the day.
The dress code for MCC Indoor School at Lord’s is cricket
whites and trainers (no black soles allowed) for those who
have them. If you aren’t fortunate enough to own cricket
clothing, we will do our very best to assist you on the day
with our assortment of spare clothing.
The timings of the trials will be on a first come first
served basis once you report to our registration desk in the
main arena alongside the nets. All participants are advised
to do some warming up and stretches in the designated area
before bowling your two overs at one of our professional
batsmen. Once you have bowled, you are requested to exit the
main arena as quickly as possible to make way for the next
As we have a significant number of trialists to observe, we
would be grateful if all bowlers can be patient whilst
waiting for their opportunity to show us your potential as a
future superstar bowler.
The results will be posted on our website
www.londoncountycricketclub.com by noon on Wednesday 20th
April . Only those selected for The Grand Final on Sunday
24th will be posted on the site. However, there is still
hope for those not selected as we plan to run the event
again in the future.
On the day, please enter Lord’s Cricket Ground via The North
Due to the sheer volume of participants, no parking is
available at Lord’s. Please find two attachments listing
information on how to get to Lord’s for your chance to
fulfil your cricketing dreams.
May I take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone
associated with LCCC to wish you every success on the day
and for the forthcoming season.
I look forward to meeting up with you and everyone joining
you in this special event.
Yours sincerely,

Neil D Burns
Chief Executive
London County Cricket Club