Langer on The Ashes

Slightly old news, in terms of a weblog but noteworthy nonetheless. Justin Langer, in his excellent and always enjoyable BBC diary, can’t wait for The Ashes to start. Given their ridiculous success over the past [how many?!] years, it’s great to see their hunger is still…there/alive. They see beating England as the ultimate – and it’s the ultimate for England in the exact same way. They are, after all, prisoners shipped off from this isle! No offence intended. Incidentally, a barman a few months ago (Australian, like all barmen in this country – and a good thing too, as they always pull a proper pint, and don’t leave it half full like so many in London) said that very thing to me – “we’re all bloody convicts mate, and we wanna beat you to a pulp every Ashes series to show you how far we’ve come.” Which suprised me a bit – not sure whether that’s the general consensus in Australia (!) but it was interesting.

Still trying to get a ticket for Lord’s – they’re going for about £250 a pop on eBay. Crazy money, and you can bet your life it’ll piss down like never before.

Anyway – sorry, I’m waffling. I’ve completely forgotten what it was I wanted to say, so…good night.