Kent County Cricket Club gate, Beckenham

Kent County Cricket Club gate, Beckenham

Photo taken by tonyd1947 @

I’m not one of these partisan Cricket fans who ignores all other sports* – however it’s hard not to agree with this photographer’s viewpoint. Here’s his description of a gate at Kent’s Beckenham ground:

Kent actually play most of the county cricket matches in Canterbury, but this is their ground in Beckenham.

The gate is very interesting. For those they don’t know the game of cricket the gate consists of a bat, wickets and the ball/s. All elements of the game are clearly discernable on the gate. If they played football their wouldn’t be many ‘props’ to make up the gate would there? Just a football perhaps. I suppose you could use bits of kit… a boot or something? Wouldn’t be as good though would it?

* But Cricket is the greatest game ever made, ever, since atoms first parted.

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