Kaneria’s canaries are no more


Danesh (or is it Dinesh?) Kaneria has just been taken out of the attack against the West Indies for continually landing in “The Danger Zone” (I’m talking about that part of the pitch: not Brian Lara, who could arguably be called a Danger Zone). Don’t bowlers listen to umpires any more? They’re not there to make the numbers up – they are officiators of the game. If they warn you, you listen!

Oh NO! Lara dropped. Well bowled Razzaq – ball stopped on Lara, who played too early, but mid-off couldn’t take the catch. Oh, double no – next ball, Lara smashes him (Razzaq) through cover for his 150. Typical, aint it just?

And the reason for the “canary” reference is I notice Nasser Hussain can’t actually say “Kaneria.” The best he can do is “Danash Canary,” which did make me laugh. To be fair, Kaneria’s action does look bird-like, with all his arms flailing around…….

And he’s gone now! Lara gone for 153. Shabir got one to lift, thanks to the pitch (which looks really terrible – this is day 3), and also cut back so much that he was playing it under his chin. Edged and caught behind. Drama, drama

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