Kallis goes to 100. But what are SA’s tactics?

This really is becoming a stalemate. England are bowling on a pitch flatter than an ironing board and have been forced to use defensive tactics to stem the run-rate. Which they’ve succeeded in doing. But SA have made no attempt to abate England’s tactics. SA are scoring at under 3/over so far for their entire innings – which, 20 years ago, would have been fairly motoring. My problem with their lack of intention and risk is they’re losing time in the match. It’s coming up to Tea on the 2nd day, and they’ve only added about 120 runs in 2 sessions.

The pitch has no demons or gremlins in it – it’s tailor made for Kallis to go berserk and get SA up to 500. He’s a fine player with a wonderful record, but his lack of aggression and risk-taking is perhaps evident of his lack of a double-hundred in Tests. He should have scored at least one by now.

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