It’s kicking off!

Oh yeah – it’s kicking off now, kicking off big-time! Gilchrist and Hayden went a bit beserk before Jones completely did him: first ball slightly short, missing the outside edge. Next ball just slightly fuller and edges it to Jones – caught behind.

The next few overs saw some of the best cricket this summer (in my eyes) – true International cricket played between two very aggressive teams. Jones quickly found his lines (having replaced Gough, who hadn’t) – and hurled a ball into the pitch, which bounced and hit Hayden on the arm or chest. Hayden threw ALL his toys out of the pram, politely enquiring to Jones “Why did one feel it necessary to throw the shiny red ball at one?” – he is a very big bloke, and had steamed right over. Collingwood had a chirp too, and they even squared up to eachother momentarily, before Ponting pushed his opener away.

From then on, England were pumped – Harmison, too, bowling pretty quickly – and Jones then, ironically, dismissed Hayden LBW. Hayden didn’t like the decision, but it was surely more the bowler than the decision which irked him…

Classic stuff. Australia are still going like a train on acid at 70-2 – in the 13th over – but both teams will stand up to eachother, eye-to-eye, and it’s already been thrilling to watch.

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