Interview with Matthew Hoggard

Enjoyable interview with Matthew Hoggard in today’s Sunday Times:

“There was a game we used to play, four of us in a car at a time when the drink-driving laws in South Africa were not as they are today. We would stop at a traffic lights, everybody had to get out and run round the car until the lights turned green. Then the guy nearest the wheel had to jump in and try to get away before everyone was back in the car. We’d be jumping in windows, on to the roof, anything not to be left there.

“Stupid, stupid things. Laughed like hell at the time, then you’d look back and think, ‘You stupid bastard’. That was not how I lived at home; there I was this very sensible teenager, squeaky-clean sort of boy, and so when the freedom came, I did some very silly things. Part of grow- ing up, and I love that period of my life.”

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