India v Pakistan – denuclearisation beckons?

I do wonder whether the India and Pakistan series could really cement their friendship, or at the very least be the starting-blocks of the denuclearisation of the two countries; the end of years of conflict. My thoughts stem from this enjoyable blog from Isaac which is worth a read.

What is it about Cricket? Loved in one part of the most densely populated region on earth; hardly noticed at all in another. Here in England, it was the country’s “summer sport” a few decades ago; nowadays, you can count county attendances on one hand (quite literally in some cases…).

In Asia, “…encounters between the two teams bring life to a standstill in both [India/Pakistan] the cricket mad nations…” [India Times]. It brings life to a standstill! I can’t even imagine the almost religious-like passion that a game could have on a country. Cricket is, for me, an unhealthily large part of my life – but I’m in the minority here. Most of my friends either can’t abide it, or only have a vague interest. There seems such a divide in cricket in terms of who watches and plays it – unlike Football, which now really seems to be a global game, for every kid in every country, however rich or poor.

I’m going off on a tangent here, losing my original thought. I just find it amazing that 2 nations, bitterly divided and almost at war with one another, can “come together” (sorry for the sickly media-type language) and that Cricket bulldozes its way past divisions and fighting. You do, though, have to feel for poor old Sachin…I pray, for his sake, he makes a hatful of runs!

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