Highest cricket ground in the world

Stumbled across this blog (how else do you find a blog other than stumbling?), claiming Chail is the world’s highest cricket ground at 2144 metres. Leads me to wonder whether Sir Richard Branson and his possy could challenge this and have a game in space!

Anyway, nice picture of Chail below and more info here and (via):

Three km from the village is the world’s highest cricket ground (2,444 metres) built in 1893. (The Maharaja of Patiala had a penchant for cricket and had a vast stretch of land flattened in the Himalayan terrain for cricket.) For many years, the cricket ground merited a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records. Though the record has not been broken, Guinness Book has decided to delete the documentation because no competitive cricket is being conducted there. Today, the local lads use the venue for inter-school matches or the nearby contingent of the Indian military holds its sports meet and march-pasts. The sprawling grounds are well-kept with manicured lawns. Huge trees of deodar and pine surround the playground in a mute standing ovation.

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