Harmison 1 Flintoff 0

Following Harmison’s admittance that he’s been delighted in helping Durham (for once), one of the season’s fascinating battles was due to commence today. Flintoff v Harmison.

Harmison stressed: “We’ll have a good battle. We’re good friends, but we’re both playing for professional teams and you have to be professional and that’s the way we’re both going to be looking at it.

But it’s one-nil to Harmison as he trapped him leg-before half an hour ago. Flintoff made a quick 55, nearly all in boundaries – and now Harmison has taken 2 more to bring up his 5th of the innings. He’s having a very encouraging start to the season – dismissing Brad Hodge with 2 lifters twice in this match. He has 26 wickets at under 15 so far – great to see him regain some form and confidence, and equally great to see Durham do so bloody well. This match is all but gone for Lancashire, now, thanks in no small part to Steve Harmison

UPDATE: Harmison ends the innings with 6-52, and Durham need just 34 for a win