Graeme Smith v Dwayne Bravo

It’s been a very spatty, fist-fighting type of few weeks in cricket-land. First Shane Warne and Chris Adams threw their toys out of the pram, and then kicked them around the playground for a week (well, Adams did). Now, Sifrican Cipten (South African Captain for those unfamiliar with my Sith Ifrican Ixent mockingness) Graeme Smith and Dwayne Bravo are definately taking aim with their toys and threatening to unleash some lego on eachother.

Joking aside (and I hate that bloody expression – it’s like “To be fair,” and “At the end of the day”), this has the makings of something more than a lego fight. When I saw Wavell Hinds throw the ball at Smith (which subsequently went for four) the other day, he (Hinds) was absolutely apoplectic. I thought I’d blogged it but I obviously forgot.

Hinds was apparently sticking up for his mate Bravo’s racism allegations against Smith. Smith’s well and truly up for this one – but, what I can’t help questioning, is why Bravo, or Hinds or any West Indian would make this up?

Smith now wants an apology:

In a statement released today, in which the South African board, pledged their full support for their captain, Smith said the matter was not completely over. “I will now ask for a public apology from Dwayne Bravo to end this matter,” Smith said. “If none is forthcoming, I shall take the case further.”

Let’s see how it pans out – more here