Gilo, the King of Spa

The main reason for this post is to force a reaction from the venerable blogger, S Jagadish. Jag’s been blogging longer than I, and has an unabashed hatred (yes – hatred!) of Ashley Giles, which always amuses me. I too have struggled in the past to sign up to the the Giles Fan Club. But in the last few years, he has “found himself,” and as Andrew Miller remarks, he has carved a niche for himself in this England side, which is an admirable effort considering all the jibes and rude messages that have been flying around…almost for his entire career.

Andrew’s remarks can be read here, and are worthy of your time if only for Jagadish to concede that this is a cricketer of immense guts, character, spirit – and skill. I think it was Scott who, in the summer, said something along the lines of “He doesn’t do much. But what he does, he does very well.” Gilo – King of Spa (© me)

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