Gilly in the supermarket

Just stumbled across this post from someone in Australia who stood in front of Adam Gilchrist in a Coles supermarket (brings back happy memories of my trip to Aus, Xmas 2003…). Vikram wasn’t sure what to say – obviously in a moral dilema – but I have to admit, I’d shake his hand and have a chat if I saw one of my heroes in Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Mind you – it’s never happened to me. Closest I got was seeing Steve Waugh in one of the posh Lord’s lunch rooms (restaurants, Will – they’re called restaurants) an hour after Australia had crushed England in 2003. He walked in, in his whites, with his baby and no one batted an eyelid. I nearly choked on the £50 meal I was eating – STEVE WAUGH IS IN THE ROOM!

Anyone met or spoken with cricketers whilst shopping or in the pub? Post your comments and thoughts, this could make for some interesting discussion. Also – which 8 cricketers (you’re paying remember), past or present, would you invite round for a meal/bbq/bottle of wine? Mine are below, but I’ll probably need to make some changes!

Steve Waugh
Mike Atherton
Richie Benaud
Imran Khan
Sachin Tendulkar
Barry Richards

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