Getty Images’ “Spirit of Cricket” exhibition

Getty Images

Just got back from visiting Getty Images’ “Spirit Of Cricket” exhibition (free), which was absolutely brilliant. I’d seen a lot of the more modern photos (several were taken from 2004), but they somehow took on more meaning when viewed in full size.

The best, though, were the older ones – at least 2 or 3 I would have bought there and then if I had that sort of money (generally they were all £250 each). They were stunning and evocotive in equal measure, my favourite being a shot of children and adults playing street-cricket in London, with 3 stumps drawn in chalk on a lamp-post. Can’t remember the date – will check in the exhibition’s brochure which, incidentally, you do have to pay for (genuine mistake – woops, sorry Getty).

It’s so rare to have Cricket showcased in this manner in Britain, and the photos themselves are so rare, I’d urge you to go and look. It really is worth it, especially considering it’s free (unless you decide to buy some, obviously!).

UPDATE: I’ve highlighted the ones I liked, which you can see at Getty’s site here

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