England v Australia, Old Trafford, Day Two

I believe, you believe, we believe, they bel…no, I haven’t turned into a hippy, nor have I lost the plot. I’m just trying to spell. Rick picked me up on it, and I humbly apologise. Working for Cricinfo, see, it plays havoc with your spelling.

Enough waffling. Tomorrow, another day of Ashes-filled-fun is upon us. I think we all hoped this series would live up to its billing, but did any of us expect it to? Every single day has been utterly enthralling, even for the neutral or casual observer. It has, for us addicts, been thrilling, exciting, painful and brilliant viewing. What will day two of Old Trafford hold in store for us?

(this is being posted in advance as I mentioned earlier…)

Comment away, folks. Links, so long as they’re relevant to the series, are also welcome. I’ll try to contibute a bit more tomorrow.

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