England v Australia – 20/20 wicket updates

OK so the first mickey-mouse game of the summer, and the first game of this absurdly-exciting series, gets underway tomorrow, in 23 and a half hours time. 20/20 all but passed me by last season – but I did catch a glimpse of Surrey’s win (I think it was Surrey?), and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them this year. I’m still a purist (“Test Cricket is the only true test of a player’s ability” et al), but ODIs have brought great entertainment – and it’s been fascinating to see 20/20 take off.

Although, Australian coach John Buchanan has just stated his concerns over the 20/20 format: I wonder whether his opinion of it will change come September?

I’ll be providing wicket-alerts (and score updates) of this game by email – if you want to receive updates, just leave a comment below. Incidentally, I intend to offer DVD-recorded highlights of Ashes games this year, as I spoke about in February, starting from tomorrow.

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