England announce unchanged squad

UPDATE: August 1, Paul Collingwood has been called up.

Thank God. As Atherton says this morning, England must keep the faith, and by naming an unchanged squad they’re demonstrating that they’re not panicking (Mr Mannering). There really wasn’t much point in naming Collingwood (he would have been the only possible inclusion) over Giles, yet.

I refuse to be downbeat. A company phoned me (6 times) last week, and I eventually rang them back to tell them where to go, after they refused to leave a voicemail. The girl who answered was very chatty, and after establishing what the company wanted from me, our thoughts turned to cricket (as they do). She too was a fan, and her words are still echoing in my ears: “It’s one nil, not 3 nil. We can still win the Ashes”

As Atherton, again, says today:

Like Bull, I’m instinctively inclined to have more faith in this England team. Their achievements and recent record demand that – at least for a little while longer.

Cricinfo has some quotes and words.

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