Eng v Windies 2000

I’m converting all my old VHS tapes onto DVD – a long and slow process, but it gives me a great chance to review all my old cricket tapes which I used to fastidiously record. And I’m watching the 2000 series where Eng did so well against the West Indies, and in partic I’m struck by Craig White and what a bloody good (and fast) bowler he was. Aggressive lines, and 92mph. Especially good to the lefties. Gough was of course outstanding, but Caddick too looked so, so good back then. Sometimes can’t beleive he a) isn’t still playing and b) has such a modest record. Should have taken 300 wickets for England. Then again, so should Angus Fraser and on that note I’ll shut up, else I’ll be trawling through every Middx player who “should” have got x runs/wickets for England…[1]

[1] OK, since you asked, Ramprakash should have made 7000+ Test runs, Weekes should have played ODI cricket, John Carr 4000+ Test runs

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