Eng v Aus roundup (and Pietersen)

Australia’s crazy week is talk of the town (if “town” is a pile of newspapers and websites), with just a hint that their media are starting to panic. Ponting seemed relatively calm after yesterday’s defeat – calm, but fuming.

Darryl doesn’t think Australia must panic yet (but commenters comment to the contrary)

Scott thinks Australia’s standards are slipping

Cricinfo has an excellent paper roundup

The SMH can’t help praise Pietersen, and Trevor Marshallsea thinks he’s the bees-knees – comparing his heroics to Wayne Rooney’s headline-grabbing goals/talent in 2004.

And there’s more, but I have to eat. On a day where nearly 700 have reached my site, I’ve hardly posted a thing – and, on a day where I got some brilliant news (thanks Andrew, Martin…) I’ll add more to this later – and respond to the comments too…