Dice cricket – with a twist

Read and smile:

Creating entire Test Match Series of dice cricket, between teams of composers, with each composer’s role in the team based on his music – Haydn as a solid opening batsman, Berlioz as a flashy number 5, Debussy as a hypnotizing wrist-spinner. If I remember rightly, the Spanish composers XI went on a long unbeaten run, largely carried by Manuel De Falla’s magestic form at number 6, until they finally met their match in the Scandinavian XI.

From A Flickering Light. I too used to play “dice cricket,” a game rather appropriately called Howzat. They weren’t traditional dice (dices? die? Plural of “dice” please, ladies and gents) – I won’t bore you with the ins and outs, suffice to say it kept me amused for hours. (1 | 2)

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