Debacle allows Trescothick into form

What a debacle. Bowled out for 104, in 48 overs, then concede 269 and take only 3 wickets. It’s hard to see how it could have gone any worse for Bangladesh. The promise Mortaza showed early on was eclipsed by Vaughan – his little gem of 40-odd was just the tonic Trescothick needed to kick start his innings. Once he’d reached 100, he went beserk – hardly scoring a single in-between making 100 and, another, 150.

In the last game (“Test”), I wondered what England could take out of this game. And I’m still wondering. The only things I can think of is, perhaps – just perhaps – the top 3 or 4 batsmen’s feet might be moving a bit better by the time Australia arrive. And for Steve Harmison to pick up a few wickets will have done his confidence some good.

All in all, it’s an embarassing situation and Bangladeshi cricket must be wondering why on earth the ICC ever allowed them to play this level of cricket. It’s doing them so much harm, I can’t imagine them ever beating a quality cricket side. The youngsters, in particular, will feel scarred and worthless – what sort of education is this for them?

I hope England declare overnight and spare the ‘deshis no more than one more day of this.

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