David Shepherd (the umpire) falls down escalator!

David ShepherdI unashamedly admit to enjoying slapstick comedy, especially in everyday life!, so when I heard old ‘Shep had fallen down an escalator, I too nearly fell over laughing. What a visual image that creates! He’s all right – as everyone is, in slapstick land.

He added: “One of the young men who helped me up recognised me and said, ‘Oh, it’s you, standing on one leg again’ [a droll reference to Shepherd's habit of hopping discreetly whenever the scoreboard shows 111].”

In reading about his fall, it came to my attention that he was “given” a guard of honour in Australia and New Zealand’s 2nd Test match (see excellent pic below). I can’t get that Test on Cricinfo – anyone know what the honour was for?

A really good umpire – one of the old school, like Dickie. It’s one of my favourite sounds of the summer (although, thinking about it, if he’s an Elite Umpire he’s not allowed to umpire at home any more…correct?), listening to Shep say “Over, left hand” in his thick Devon accent. And of course his infamous one-legged-trick on Nelson (111), double nelson (222) triple nel…you get the idea.

Updated: more on this at Cricket 24×7

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