Cricketers raise massive $14m dollars

A great day for Cricket, for cricketers of different countries to come together for charity. I don’t know why we can’t have this more often – perhaps I’ll write a letter to the ICC & ECB and see if they’re thinking about it.

  • It would promote the game incredibly
  • A great spectacle for cricket fans, and new to cricket
  • Stacks of money raised for charity
  • The distant possibility of one day Murali and Warne playing on the same team :)

Wonderful image here of Ponting and (who?) and presumeably a victim of the Tsunami. If any Aussies are reading, any chance of scanning a larger copy of the front page of the Melbourne Herald Sun? Would love to see it in more detail.

This is a great photo, courtesy of the BBC, of Daniel Vettori and Billy Bowden trying out some new moves!

And some very thoughtful, poignant quotes:

  • “Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, a cricket fanatic of the highest order, said the game showed the sport’s “sense of social responsibility.””
  • The world of cricket is generally not one to be hurried but this game was organised in just 12 days.
  • Wendy, a shop assistant from the town of Bannockburn in Victoria, had bought a ticket just to “see Warnie in the flesh.”
  • Wendy was far from surprised at how quickly the locals had embraced cricket’s aid efforts.

    “The people here are sport mad,” she said. “Big events are absolutely their second love after beer.”

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