Cricket video highlights

I found this from the BBC – Sussex have launched a TV website, where they plan to provide fans with highlights and clips of their games. What a brilliant initiative. Sky Sports do this on the games they cover (see here for more on that), and Surrey too have done something similar. So this is great news – Cricket is entering the modern age and embracing technology for its fans.

When I first got into Cricket 10 years ago – and it very quickly became an obsession as I vainly attempted to replicate Curtly Ambrose’s action! – coverage was really pretty awful. The winter tours at that time were starting to be covered by Sky Sports in Britain – but no one had Sky back then, unless you wanted a satellite dish the size of a small car clamped to your house. News excerpts on the radio; news video reports on the 9 o’clock news and the morning newspapers were all we could hope for. Brief analysis during the 60 second video footage on the news became an art-form as my Dad and I would both argue over whether Stewart was lucky or not to be given out LBW. Now though – just turn on your PC, and you have video highlights when you want it – brilliant.

Quick note for Aussies reading, and other Warne fans: he’s playing tomorrow, conveniently against Sussex, so you’ll be able to watch those highlights as of about 6pm BST.

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