Cricket on TV and Radio

There’re a few cricket-related things on TV (UK) and Radio in the next week which you might want to make a note of:

Batting for Hemmingway, by Mike Atherton, Thursday 19th, 11.30-1200, BBC Radio 4

Trivia Test Match, a re-run from 1992 about the rules of cricket, Friday 12.30, BBC7

Guyana: Trouble in Paradise
about Guyana, and the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies, Sunday, 01.45am, BBC4 (TV)

The Cricket Show: – it’s the only Cricket show on UK TV, so it’s worth watching, but – God – is it painful viewing or what? Channel 4, Sunday morning at 7.55 (not sure if that’s morning or evening – probably morning, knowing C4)

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