Cricket in politics

John Redwood MP

The people behind the superb have (in the past few weeks/months) launched another one – In it, you can search Hansard for keywords – so naturally I had a look for anyone mentioning Cricket, and here were the findings:

(Stephen Pound) Before I give way, may I give an example? Four years ago, at 1 am, somebody was hammering at my front door. I naturally assumed it was the bailiff. I went down and, with a chain on the door, looked out and found on the doorstep a person in a considerable state of agitation and extremely worried. Fortunately I had a cricket bat to hand, which happened to be propped up in the hall. I do not claim to be as good a cricketer as many Opposition Members, particularly the right hon. Member for Wokingham (Mr. Redwood), but I happened to have a cricket bat handy.

So, for the cricket addicts amongst us (and, yes, it’s obviously only of massive interest if you have interest in UK matters, although Cricket does span countries as this blog and others demonstrate) you can go here and sign up to receive emails whenever cricket is mentioned in Parliament. Fun.