Catches win matches: but be honest

Ponting’s called on Michael Vaughan and England to take fielders’ words on dubious catches this summer. This topic comes up in most Test series, especially major ones like The Ashes (which I’ve decided is worthy of capitalising the “The”), and the article makes mention of an incident involving Vaughan in the last Ashes (which I can’t remember…)

Vaughan angered the Australians during the second Test of the 2002-03 series, when he stood his ground despite assurances from Justin Langer at point he had taken a catch off the bowling of Andy Bichel.

Vaughan, who was on 19 at the time, refused to go and was given not out when the umpires referred the decision to the third umpire. He went on to make 177.

I’m in favour of such decision, but only if it’s enforced. It would only take one batsman to think “No way did he catch that – unless he has a third arm” and stand his ground, for all-out-war to take place. If Ponting is serious about it, Vaughan must be too and the umpires involved in the series should be consulted now. Ashes series, in the past decade – whilst dominated by Australia – have generally been very good natured, and no one wants to see on-field spats (well, apart from me – it adds some spice!).

Meanwhile, Ponting was ultra keen to show just how ready Australia are for this series:

“We probably had the best training session we ever had this morning,” Ponting said.

Hardly likely to say anything else, is he?

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