Australia’s Ashes squad to be announced

First of all, Happy Easter to all – (if that’s your bag). The first real, significant talking point of this summer’s Ashes comes around this week as Cricket Australia announce their squad. It’s an especially interesting one if only because Warne’s potential successor might be identified to us non-Australians.

This article does hint that Warne might one day pack up his bags and live here, in this green and pleasant land (or this dictatorial state of Europe / concrete jungle, depending on where in Blighty you live). It wouldn’t suprise me if he did, such is his profile in Australia and such are the taunts he receives from the media (the latest one, as I mentioned, happening just yesterday).

Fitness permitting, I don’t see why Warne can’t play for another 5 years. Australian selectors have been known for their ruthlessness over the past decade – the lack of sentimentality which was once so at odds to England’s, for example – and they could apply the same remorseless methods for Warne, should his form dip in the next 12 months. It is a fascinating situation.

The Aussies I’ve spoken to are pretty unenthused about not only Warne’s replacement, but many other senior players (McGrath, Ponting). So it was great reading this article to find out the new blokes in line for a possible Ashes inclusion: Daniel Cullen, a 20 year old leggie; and Tait, a seamer.

If anyone can shed any more light or thoughts on these 2 players, or any insight into Australia’s future replacements for the likes of Warne, McGrath, Gillespie, it would be great to hear.

[PS: gotta feel sorry for MacGill...would could walk into any international team]

[Easter image by PÃ¥l Berge]

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