Answering your emails

Just a note of thanks for all the emails. Not had time to reply to all of you, but many thanks for them nonetheless. The Ashes was a lot of fun, and I really didn’t do a thing to add to it…but if you enjoyed the blog, that’s great, so ta for that.

Now, to answer some of the more quirky questions. Yes I do follow other cricket, not just the Ashes and not just England. I haven’t yet been to India or Pakistan, but would love to one day. Yes, I am biased towards England – I support them. Yes I’ll be writing about England versus Pakistan (I’ll be covering it at work so will post my thoughts on it in the afternoons).

No, I can’t introduce you to Kevin Pietersen. Or anyone, for that matter!

And, finally – I don’t have any videos of Shahid Afridi, nor do I particularly want any. A fine bat, and an exciting player, but I don’t know him, nor do I have his phone number or address.

And that, chaps, is one way to deal with a mass of emails. Hope that helps some of you!

Shall try to write something more meaningful on Saturday – possibly even directly about cricket.