Another South African joins England

Martin van Jaasveld, who played for South Africa against England only 7 or 8 weeks ago, has retired from International cricket to play for Kent in England, under the “Kolpak” ruling.

“Having understood that my future international prospects might be limited, I needed to weigh up my options and make a decision that was in the best interests of my long-term future,” he explained.

He joins Murray Goodwin who returns to Sussex, but this time under the bloody Kolpak ruling. So both these players are now regarded as non-overseas players – both will no doubt demand reasonable salaries, money which could have been used to fund grass-roots cricket and younger players. And, such is English cricket’s obsession with overseas players, that both these players will no doubt be joined by their compatriotes from their own bloody countries!

Ridiculous. Can’t find a paper on KolKrap, but this could threaten the future of the English game unless some limitations are put in place. Soon.

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