A look back on Matthew Maynard

The Guardian look back on Matthew Maynard, a potential English coach – another failed English talent. He was in his pomp around the time I first got interested in cricket, aged 12, and was quite simply extraordinary. He had the potential to be anything he wanted to be – the article is a good read, by his excellent colleague-cum-journalist Steve James, and this is surely the highlight:

The impression has lingered long that Maynard has never really known how good he is, an idea that evokes ridiculously exaggerated confirmation. “I just see myself as a good club player,” he says in all seriousness.

Around the 90s, the whole of England was wondering just how on God’s earth talents like Ramprakash, Hick and Maynard weren’t scoring hundreds at will at Test level. It confounds me to this day. Maynard is a tough character, with a good cricket head on him and is being buttered up by Fletcher to replace him in [?].