2nd ODI Eng V South Africa

One of the best ODIs of recent times? Probably. It’s “only” a tie, but both teams deserved to win. Trescothick made the bold (or stupid, depending on your POV) decision to bowl Ali for the final over where South Africa needed 8 to win…his first ball going for four no balls! 2nd Ball, Boucher out. 3rd ball no run. 4th ball a single. 3 from 3 needed. 5th ball, Prince run out! 6 ball a quick single. Last, 7th, bal of the over….Jones decides to stand up to Ali and Hall is stumps him brilliantly, with South Africa needing 1 to win. Amazing game, a real beauty…ironically, England probably take most of the positives out of it – South Africa chucked their last few wickets away, and made it difficult for themselves. All in all – a superb game of cricket

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