Who will win the Super Series ODIs?

A new poll up (on the main page). Who will win the Super Series ODIs? Vote now!

Ganguly v Chappell poll results

58 people voted, and 78% thought Ganguly was in the wrong. Bloody useless poll, but there we go. I’m putting up a new one now, which is at the top of the main page.

The influence of Maros Kolpak

Most county followers are familiar with the name Kolpak, and its derivatives (Kolpakers, Kolpakians, and less savoury ones). News came today (although it was first mentioned back in April) that the ECB are to curb the numbers of foreign players in the county game, by way of a reward/penalty scheme. My thoughts on this and more are up at Cricinfo.

Thoughts welcome.

Ashes Diary

Ashes Diary

Ashes Diary, an account of England winning back the urn, is released this Thursday. Ought to be very interesting reading. Only costs a tenner – not too bad.

Gough signs for….Strictly come Dancing?

Oh my God. Tufnell’s “I’m a former cricketer, get me some publicity” was bad enough. But this? This is just woeful. Darren Gough in the BBC Strictly Come Dancing competition.

The poll of polls

Stu often has some cool Polls at his blog, so I thought I’d do something similar/identical (sorry mate). The latest poll can be found lurking on the right-hand-side nearish the bottom of the page. Vote away!

WordPress.com invite available

I’ve been sent an invitation for WordPress.com and have one spare to give away. Not sure why I’ve been invited, but there you go! WordPress.com is still closed to the general public, so this is your golden opportunity to get on there…

Using all your imagination, humour and inventiveness (I don’t care if that’s not a proper word – it’s Sunday, the day of word-rest), leave a comment with why you are worthy of the invite and why you want it. What would you use it for & why? etc

NB: monetary bribes are accepted and encouraged.

Cricinfo’s Surfer blog

As mentioned the other day, we now have our first blog at Cricinfo: The Surfer. I/we would be interested to hear your thoughts on it (design, content, etc). Ta muchly.

Bowling Mushy!!

Enthusiastic cries of support from wicketkeepers are one of the game’s great joys, and usually have me doubled over in laughter. I always used to crack up listening to Alec Stewart: “Oooh! I like that, Crofty! Oh yes, liking it Crofty son.” And this summer we’ve been treated to Gilchrist stating the bleeding obvious with “Baaaaaa-rrrr-ling Shaaaanne” (like he needs confirmation).

But the best has to be when Mushtaq Ahmed was in his pomp, whatever that really means, and Latif would shout, repeatedly, “Bowling mushy mushy, booowwwlingg.” Actually that has me thinking; I remember on previous Pakistan tours hearing “Shabash shabash” shouted by the ‘keeper. What does it mean? “Well done” or “well bowled” or something?

Anyway, back to Mushy. I see he hit 90 today – yes, 90! My boss was there, and wrote about it here. Couple of days ago, Inzamam hinted at a possible recall for Mushtaq which is utterly brilliant news. Always enjoyed watching Mushy bowl, and always surprised me how he actually managed to spin the ball…quite an odd action.

So, we might once again get to hear “Bowling Mushy!” On that note – Shabash.