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Slater’s poignant admissions

Although I had heard a little about Slater’s depression, it wasn’t until I read this article [via The SquizLog] that the whole truth became apparent.

I know about panic attacks and depression on a personal level, and it’s quite rare to hear of a sporting figure suffering from it (or perhaps more pertinently, admitting to suffering from it). It’s a sad but revealing read and worth 5 minutes of your time.

Now a commentator who talks like he batted – fresh, mostly relaxed and highly entertaining – Slater’s eye-sparkle remains but his body looks worn out for a 35-year-old. He hopes for a long career but worries the “fruit loop” reaction could hinder his prospects. If his bipolar revelation has that effect it would be a greater injustice than the lack of support he received as he careered out of international cricket.

I agree with the above regarding his “fresh” commentary – he was/is a good commentator. Better than many (Botham & Willis – give me strength), so hopefully Channel 4 will give him a contract this year. And, perhaps more importantly, hopefully him and Gilchrist can share a beer again one day.

David Shepherd (the umpire) falls down escalator!

David ShepherdI unashamedly admit to enjoying slapstick comedy, especially in everyday life!, so when I heard old ‘Shep had fallen down an escalator, I too nearly fell over laughing. What a visual image that creates! He’s all right – as everyone is, in slapstick land.

He added: “One of the young men who helped me up recognised me and said, ‘Oh, it’s you, standing on one leg again’ [a droll reference to Shepherd's habit of hopping discreetly whenever the scoreboard shows 111].”

In reading about his fall, it came to my attention that he was “given” a guard of honour in Australia and New Zealand’s 2nd Test match (see excellent pic below). I can’t get that Test on Cricinfo – anyone know what the honour was for?

A really good umpire – one of the old school, like Dickie. It’s one of my favourite sounds of the summer (although, thinking about it, if he’s an Elite Umpire he’s not allowed to umpire at home any more…correct?), listening to Shep say “Over, left hand” in his thick Devon accent. And of course his infamous one-legged-trick on Nelson (111), double nelson (222) triple nel…you get the idea.

Updated: more on this at Cricket 24×7

India & Pakistan to play annually

Pakdia series (or Indistan!) is going to be played annually. Undecided if this is a good thing or not – but I’m sure the Pakistani and Indian fans will be delighted.

“We have agreed in principle to play each other every year,” Indian cricket board official Gautam Dasgupta said. “We are working out the details.”

(I like “Indistan” and I deserve a medal for making it up)

McGrath wants 500th at Lord’s

Glenn McGrath, henceforth now known only as The Bastard, is lining up an Englishman to be his 500th Test victim. I think victim is probably the best word to have chosen. Anyway, that’s all very well – jolly fine show old chap and all that – but *this* riles me somewhat:

Hayden has been without a century since July, although he has passed 50 on four occasions since.

Looking down the rest of the order, though, England may decide they are better off not dismissing him.

It’s this half-joking half-serious attitude by the BBC towards Cricket that pisses me off so much. An underlying feeling that England are just the gentlemen of sport, the ones who expect to play all sports but are not expected that they should be any good. It’s pathetic. I’m going overboard a bit, but the BBC deserve an earful sometimes. If they actuall employed proper, dedicated journalists who ONLY know and write about Cricket, and are passionate about Cricket, they’d write more balanced, more in-depth, less jokey peices. Twats.

Love Thy Cricket…

Amusing title to a new cricket blog, Love Thy Cricket – if I was less tired, I’d write about the near-fanatical/religious status Cricket has reached in some parts of the world.. He says: “I salute those who gave us this great game. Thank you” so there.

Don’t upset the batsman

Shawn, of the Dead

Photo taken by The Searcher @ Flickr.com.

Found on Flickr.com

More cricket quotes

I’ve added half a dozen more cricket quotes which display randomly on the right, so look out for them. Some pretty good ones – leave a comment if you hear any yourselves…

Gillespie the warrior

Just had to post this picture, found on Cricinfo…

Jason Gillespie

Great shot.

Ricky Ponting – a “Great” already?

This article grabbed my attention just now, for the astonishing statistic that Ricky Ponting scored his 22nd century yesterday. 2200 in hundreds alone – what a player.

With his 22nd Test century, scored in almost even-time against the New Zealanders yesterday, Ponting moved to outright fifth place among Australia’s most prolific century-makers, behind Steve Waugh (32), Donald Bradman (29), Allan Border (27) and Greg Chappell (24).

Steve Waugh will always be my favourite batsman, but Ponting’s up there with most-pleasing-hooker-to-watch, if you’ll pardon the pun…