Earnings for international cricketers

I was interested to read of the England cricketer Andrew Strauss’ reputed earnings. Feb 2004 he was a county captain earning £80,000; now, though, that figure has been quadrupled. I’ve read elsewhere that Andrew Flintoff is thought to earn close to £1m/annum.

These are tiny figures compared to footballers but they seem excellent in cricket terms.

I’d be really interested to hear from others about their respective countries. I know there are Indian, NZ, West Indian and Australian readers lurking…so cough up and let me know! Oh God – under an hour until 2005…

Cricket quotes for 2004

Some interesting quotes (I’ve added them to my quotes database above), courtesy of The Independant (via Caribbean Cricket, thanks Ryan)

Refusal to accept England are improving?

This guy, whose blog I enjoy, just can’t accept England are improving. That Test *was* an Epic, pal – clearly you didn’t watch it.

Comment spam (WordPress)

Anyone who blogs using WordPress, you’ve probably been trampled over by comment spammers. (I’ve had 300 in 12 hours…) Just found this Spaminator (“Kitten’s Spaminator“) which so far works well.

Happy New Year to all.

All over for the Test

Got back from my bike ride to find Vaughan and his team sitting out in the middle. The umpires offered the light to the batsmen, but didn’t consult Vaughan (who could have suggested using his spinners). What a CRUSHING blow to England, a real sledgehammer. SA will see this as a victory; England a loss. They’re going to be so gutted.

It’s not been called off just yet, but it’s not looking good. The lights are on – why can’t they play? Can anyone shed any light (sorry) on this? What a depressing and ridiculous way to end probably the best Test of 2004.

Nailbiting finish

This is nailbiting. England only need 3 wickets – de Villiers and Pollock are in, and not giving much away. They’ve clearly given up trying to win it, with only 28 overs left. Can England muster one final effort, or will SA deny them?

[Will bites fingernails]

England donating £15k to Asia

England (probably the ECB, but it might be the players themselves) are to donate £15,000 to the Asian relief fund. The PCA are to donate £5k too.

Langer angered by “gnome slur” – Cricinfo in firing line

This is pretty bad. Langer’s been called a “brown nose gnome” by a Cricinfo commentator.

[via TheAge.com.au]

“Cricinfo, the online service run by Wisden and licensed to Cricket Australia, recorded Queensland batsman Jimmy Maher’s dismissal: “Edmondson to Maher, OUT: bit of a cross slog straight to the brown nose gnome at mid-on.”

Cricinfo, if you’re reading – I TOLD you I’m a better commentator than your current mob. Employ me

Gibbs and Kallis depart

The last over before lunch, Harmison grabbed Kallis – an excellent, low catch by ‘keeper Jones and England were clearly overjoyed. It had been quite even up until then when Rudolf and Gibbs had camped in for a long innings. But – Harmison also got Gibbs out, caught very well by Giles in one of 2 wide gullies.

Long way to go, but SA’s chances of victory are now pretty distant with the 2 big guns gone.


Boycott’s thoughts on the 2nd Test

Good old Boycs. Never saw him bat, but my Father did and told me of his guts and skill. I’ve only listened to him on the radio, and on TV and in his columns – and I have great respect for the man. He writes honest accounts of team’s performances, and I don’t think there’s a better judge of batting in the world. Here are his thoughts on tomorrow’s set-up between England and South Africa:

“There are only two results possible, an England win or a draw because for the South Africans to pull it off someone would have to bat like Bradman, and I don’t see that happening. Only three Test sides have made more runs than the 378 they need to win but whatever the outcome this has been one hell of a match, the very epitome of what Test cricket is all about.”